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So, you may have noticed that I added a donate button to my blog. The reason is we’re using up all our funds transitioning into our new home, between down payments, security deposits, switching on all our utilities money is going to be extremely tight. We unfortunately even have to give our cats up for adoption because we can’t afford their monthly pet fee. Today Ryssa’s car broke down. I will be starting my new job on Friday but it’ll be hard to make our first month’s bills as I get paid biweekly and am coming in at a weird time. 

Now, this does not mean you have to donate to me. Making ends meet is hard for everyone. But if you did want to help out I would be extremely grateful. If you would like some sort of art or fic in exchange for money I could do that too. I feel like you wouldn’t be getting your money’s worth, it wouldn’t be very good, but I’d try. 

Thank you for your consideration, friends. 

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